Premium Tender Spring Whole Uncut 800-850 Gms

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Premium Tender whole chicken with is cut into curry pieces that can serve upto 4 to 6 people. It includes whole bird/chicken.
Premium tender Jhatka meat with right size cuts make a sumptuous chicken preparing process effortless. It is like dream come true for meat lovers.

The Meat Kraft Chicken Curry Cut are smaller pieces to make sure that chicken cook faster. The cuts include Pieces of breast, mix of bone and bone less, Thigh & leg piece. Depending of weight the number of pieces varies from 8 to 15.

Whether it is traditional Rajasthani preparations, Butter chicken, Tawa chicken, Chicken curry or any other style, our high quality juicy chicken curry cut small pieces makes it very special. With Humanitarian way of slaughtering – Jhatka, we make sure that animal slaughtering process is with less pain.

Chicken is cleaned & cut in desired size pieces by experts who have been in business for long enough to cut it right every time. To maintain the freshness the chicken is stored under refrigeration at 4°C or below, in hygienic conditions. Order The Meat Kraft Jhatka Chicken Curry online or pick up from our outlet. You can also get it delivered at home.

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