Premium Goat Curry Cut Boneless 500 Gms

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Premium quality goat sourced from Rajasthan navalgarh



MeatWorx  sources our premium quality Jhatka mutton Goat meat from Rajasthan specially from region Sikar – navalgarh. Order online in Gurgaon and Delhi for home delivery.  At MeatWorx we make sure that the male goat is no older than 7-8 months. The Mutton Goat Meat we deliver across Gurugram. Free delivery upto 5 Kms in Gurgaon from our store in sector 38 Gurgaon.
That makes the quality very soft. Rich meat cooks best with the low-and-slow method as fat takes time to break down, and low heat helps in bringing out all the flavours, avoiding over-cooking.

Right cut of meat helps it to cook in shorter duration, better texture, absorption of flavours from the gravy.

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